Day 1

Flight to Mexico. Arrival to Mexico City. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner and accommodation

Day 2 

Breakfast. Sightseeing tour of Mexico City beginning by the colonial side, visiting the majestic Cathedral, Holly Mass, the Presidential Palace and downtown, Plaza de Armas and the Chapultepec Park. Visit one of the most famous museums in the world: the Museum of History and Anthropology, were we can see objects of pre-hispanic times. Afternoon boat ride through the ancient canals of Xochimilco, listening to mariachi and tasting tequila - national drink of México. Dinner and accommodation. 

Day 3

After breakfast ride to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the most important center of peregrinations in America; where the Virgin of Guadalupe is adorated the Queen of America. Visit the Sanctuary, assist to the Holly Mass and have some free time. Transfer to the famous pyramids of Teotihuacan, visiting the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Moon, the Temple of Quetzalcoatl. Get to know the process of making the carved objects in the obsidian stone, the stone of the gods. Dinner in the area, and in the evening, return to the hotel. Accommodation. 

Day 4.

Breakfast. Travel through a volcanic scenery to the most Hispanic city of Mexico, Puebla. Visit the historical center, the Cathedral, and the church of Saint Dominic with its beautiful chapel of the Rosary, Holly Mass. Return to Mexico City visiting the Pyramid of Cholula, a symbol of the religious conquest of Mexico, and the scenic village church in Tonantzintla. Dinner and Accommodation.

Day 5

After Breakfast visit of the Polish catholic mission in Tenango del Aire, Holly Mass. Ride to Cuernavaca and visit the Cathedral and the historical center of the city founded by Hernán Cortés. Transfer to the silver smithing town of Taxco and walk the labyrinthine lanes of the colonial town, visiting Santa Prisca and San Sebastian baroque church. Free time for shopping in the silver workshops. Dinner and accommodation.

Day 6 

Breakfast. Holly Mass. Travel to the famous city of Acapulco in the pacific coast. Accommodation and leisure time.

Day 7

All inclusive. Leisure time on the beach. Optional excursion. 

Day 8 

All inclusive. Leisure time on the beach. Optional excursion. 

Day 9

Breakfast. Return to Mexico City to visit for the last time the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe with Holly Mass. Transfer to the airport. Flight back home.

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