Day 1

Flight to Santiago de Chile. 

Day 2

Arrival in Santiago de Chile. Transfer to the hotel. Short rest after the journey with breakfast. City tour: Plaza de Armas, Cathedral, Main Post Office building, Plaza de la Constitucion y Plaza de la Libertad, la Moneda Palace. A representative ride along the main street, to see the most important buildings: the Government Palace, University, National Library, among others. Visit the church of St. Francis, where the statue of the patroness of the city is kept ? la Virgen del Socorro. A short stay on Saint Lucia's Hill and a ride to Saint Christopher's Hill, where the Sanctuary of the Immaculate Conception of Mary is located. Dinner and accommodation.?  

Day 3

Breakfast. Drive along a picturesque road surrounded by vineyards, where the most famous Chilean wines originate, to arrive in Valparaiso. Visit of one of the oldest cities in Chile, which is still an important harbor base for the capital of the country. We visit the Cathedral, the Plaza Victoria and viewpoints on the hill that dominates the city, among others. Then we drive to the resort of Vina del Mar. Stroll through the elegant streets of this small town. Return to dinner and overnight to Santiago. 

Day 4

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport and flight to Punto Arenas. Transit through the areas inhabited by Magellan penguins (October - March) to Puerto Natales. Dinner and overnight.

Day 5

Breakfast. A full day trip to the Torres del Paine Park. Admire the magnificent views of the jagged famous towers of Paine and the Cuernos de Paine. Visit of the Milodon cave, where the skin of a giant sloth who lived in this area 10,000 years ago was discovered. In this mysterious, wreathed by the cold winds wilderness, there is a lot of wild animals and birds like the guanaco, condors, and flamingos, among others. Return to Puerto Natales for dinner and overnight.

Day 6

Breakfast. Expedition to the Balmaceda glacier. Admiring the breathtaking views of the giant blocks of ice. In the afternoon, transfer to the airport of Punto Arenas and flight to Santiago de Chile. Dinner and overnight.

Day 7

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport and departure to Calama. Transfer to hotel in San Pedro de Atacama. After accommodation, drive to the Death Valley and later to the Moon Valley admiring fabulous landscapes and sunsets in the background of the mountain peaks of the Andes. Dinner and overnight. 

Day 8

Breakfast. Transfer to the salt lake of Salar of Atacama - admiring the magnetic landscapes and foraging flamingos on the lake. Visit the beautiful lagoons of Miscanti and Meniques, located in the Andean mountains. Return to dinner and overnight at the hotel. 

Day 9

Breakfast. Transfer to the pre-Columbian fortress Quitor and to the remains of the settlement of Tulor, which was inhabited by local people. Visiting the Museum of Father Le Paige, who devoted his whole life to study the history of Atacama. In the early afternoon, travel to the Cejar lagoon, famous for its high salinity and wonderful sunsets - possibility of bathing. Dinner and overnight. 

Day 10

Departure early in the morning for a wonderful spectacle presenting Tatio geysers exploding at dawn. Then drive through this desert region to the village of Chiu Chiu, where one of the oldest churches in Chile - the church of St. Francis, is located. Transfer to Calama airport and flight to Santiago de Chile. Dinner and overnight.

Day 11

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport and flight to Easter Island. Transfer to the hotel and accommodation. After arrival, a trip to the picturesque Rano Kau volcano and to the historical buildings of Orongo. For those willing to walk, a visit to the town of Hanga Roa and to one of the most photographed sites - Ahu Tahai. Dinner and overnight.

Day 12

Breakfast. Visit of the Rapa Nui National Park, to admire the famous statues carved in the rock - maoi and to have a walk on the volcano Rano Raraku - the stone for making the statues was mined from here. Transfer to the magnificent Anakena beach with the possibility of swimming in the crystalline waters of the Pacific. Dinner and overnight. 

Day 13

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport and flight to Santiago and later to our country.

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