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New website of the travel agency Euroamerica

travel agency Euroamerica

Especially for you, we have created a completely new website, where you can easily find a number of interesting offers, tours and pilgrimages to holy places. Our new website is transparent, created especially for positioning, which is handled by Łódź the Blumo company .

Euroamerica agency has been on the market since 2004. Throughout 16 years we`ve organized many tourist events and pilgrimages to Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Portugal and other countries of America and Europe, gaining valuable experience. 

Our agency is made up of people whose passion for travel spreads through the members of our events and pilgrimages.

Our advantages are: a dynamic team, friendly guides, and experience. The combination of these factors allows us to present very interesting proposals at  very attractive prices.

During our trips and pilgrimages, we visit ancient cities, Indian villages, castles and palaces of the Middle Ages, sanctuaries and the most important museums. We admire the breathtaking achievements of architecture, magnificent parks, and historical districts. All this without forgetting the miracles created by nature, or the well-deserved rest on astonishing beaches.

You will taste with us Mexican tacos, Neapolitan pizza or Brazilian moqueca, ride a traditional Lisbon tram, relax on the wonderful beaches of the Caribbean, dance samba in Brazil, walk through the romantic streets in Paris.

Don`t waste the chance to explore the world with us!

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